Native-Americans and First Peoples Chapters

For thousands of years before Europeans colonized the "New World," the land belonged to others. Who were those individuals now-known as "First Peoples" or "Native Americans?" How did they live? Where are they now?

Near the end of the 19th century, some Americans believe that the U.S. should become an empire similar to Britain.

Describes how the Cherokee tribe were transplantesd to a reservation in Oklahoma.

Marines assault Saipan, but meet with Japanese fighting forces in a brutal battle.

This is full of facts about Ancient Hawaiian Fishing.

Techniques the Ancient Hawaiians used to catch their fish with the materials they had.

This gives you various information about the native Hawaiians dance and music.

Kapu means rules and learn how Hawaiians lived with them!

Surfing Was A Big Part Of Hawaiian History

Rather than surrender, Japanese soldiers lead Banzai attacks where they kill as many Marines as possible before dying themselves.

After Saipan, MacArthur orders the taking of Peleliu with a beach landing.

In 2001, President Bush recognizes and rewards five surviving Navajo code talkers.

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