Nineteenth Century Life

What made the 19th century an interesting but tumultuous time? What technological, cultural and social changes influenced life then? Explore those issues in this story collection.

Nineteenth Century Life Chapters

South Carolina History Standard 8-5.4 Summarize the policies and actions of South Carolina's political leadership implementing discriminatory laws tha...

South Carolina History Standard 8-5.3 Successes and Failures of Reconstruction in South Carolina

South Carolina History Standard 8-5.2 Describe the economic impact of Reconstruction on South Carolina in each of the various social classes

South Carolina History Standard 8-5.1 The impact of Reconstruction, Industrialization, and Progressivism

Nineteenth Century Life Story Briefs

Phosphate mining, in South Carolina, was once the most-dominant in the world. This twenty-year position of prominence ended due to a variety of factor...

Henry Bliss Northup was the man who rescued Solomon Northup - whose slave name was ''Platt Hamilton'' - from slavery.

After South Carolina rejoined the Union, African-American males could vote. More blacks were involved in government in South Carolina than in any othe...

Six days after the United States elected Abraham Lincoln to serve as America''s 16th President, South Carolina held a meeting to endorse a call from t...

A pro-Southern political cartoon intended to show that American slaves were better-off than British workers.

Nineteenth Century Life Learning Tasks

Analyze How the Author Develops Key Concepts

Analyze Key Concepts or Characters

Identifty Key Ideas or Concepts

Determine and Analyze in Detail the Theme Development

Determine and Analyze a Theme from Details in the Text

Nineteenth Century Life Audios

Chapter 40, of Little Women, is one of the saddest chapters in the story.

Do you know the background of "Little Women?" Meet Louisa May Alcott and learn how she based her still-famous story on her real-life family.

In this audio clip, Carole Bos reads from Les Miserables, Volume I - Book Sixth ("Javert") - Chapter II (entitled "How Jean May Become Champ").

In this audio clip, Carole Bos reads from Les Miserables, Volume I - Book Sixth ("Javert") - Chapter I (entitled "The Beginning of Repose").

In this audio clip, Carole Bos reads from Les Miserables, Volume I - Book Fifth ("The Descent") - Chapter XIII (entitled "The Solution of some Questio...

Nineteenth Century Life Audio Narrations

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What are the factors leading to Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo on June 18, 1815?

Bass Reeves, a former slave who became a Deputy U.S. Marshal, understood several Native-American languages.

Joseph Merrick, also known as "The Elephant Man," rose above massive deformities to live an exemplary life.

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