Nineteenth Century Life Chapters

What made the 19th century an interesting but tumultuous time? What technological, cultural and social changes influenced life then? Explore those issues in this story collection.

Standard 8-4:4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the multiple events that led to the Civil War

Congress passes a draft law to recruit men to fight for the Union, but it allows wealthy men to buy their way out of service.

For nearly a week in July 1863, New Yorkers riot against the Conscription Law.

Near the end of the 19th century, some Americans believe that the U.S. should become an empire similar to Britain.

In 1880, John Rand Capron, an amateur scientist, suggests storm conditions can form crop circles.

Will Chicago's steam-powered fire engines be enough to fight a huge conflagration in 1871?

Douglass is not the only one speaking out and writing against slavery; even children's books condemn it.

A note in the purported Maybrick "Ripper" diary indicates that after the writer leaves the Whitechapel area, he kills a victim in Manchester, England.

The U.S. landscape changes from a place of peaceful, comfortable living to a land destroyed by warfare.

Britain's "high society" is closed to all who are not born into the upper class.

In 1902, A.E.W. Mason's novel, The Four Feathers, highlights a soldier's fight against fear in the Sudan, and his reaction to feathers, a symbol of co...

Convicted of murdering Dr. George Parkman, Dr. John Webster is given a death sentence.

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