Nonfiction Works

Many of the world's greatest books are non-fiction works. This Collection will help you to explore both famous and not-so-famous titles.

Nonfiction Works Chapters

After a long illness, is death a welcome event?

When Lewy Bodies implant themselves in a human brain it's like beetles that begin to infest a maple tree. Soon nature takes a different course.

Is a person, whose ability to speak is diminished by illness, able to speak to her husband with her eyes only?

When an ill person cannot properly open her eyes, why do people doubt that she's really having trouble?

Memories are the stuff of life, but what happens when a brain illness makes them impossible to retrieve?

Nonfiction Works Learning Tasks

Use Technology to Produce and Share Writing

Use Technology to Produce and Share Writing

Describe a Character and Their Impact on the Story

Analyze Development of Key Ideas

Nonfiction Works Audios

Chapter 40, of Little Women, is one of the saddest chapters in the story.

Do you know the background of "Little Women?" Meet Louisa May Alcott and learn how she based her still-famous story on her real-life family.

Nonfiction Works Audio Narrations

Joseph Merrick, also known as "The Elephant Man," rose above massive deformities to live an exemplary life.

Abe Lincoln began his life in a one-room cabin in rural Kentucky. He was the first person in his family who could read.

Writers of children's stories, who also abhorred slavery, wrote books to paint a vivid picture of American chattel slavery.

Audio narration of "Tricky Vic and His Final Con." a chapter in the story "Tricky Vic - An Impossibly Good Con Man."

Audio narration of "Tricky Vic and the Prohibition Era," a chapter in the story "Tricky Vic: An Impossibly Good Con Man."

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