Nonfiction Works Chapters

Many of the world's greatest books are non-fiction works. This Collection will help you to explore both famous and not-so-famous titles.

In an art studio in Paris, Anna and her team create masks that enable wounded soldiers to resume their civilian lives.

Her training in classical art and sculpting gave Anna the tools she needed to give wounded soldiers hope and new life.

As a classical sculptor, Anna used her training and artistic sense to create life-like masks for soldiers who had been disfigured in the Great War.

After WWI ended, Anna Coleman Ladd returned to the United States and resumed her career as a sculptor.

One of Bass' letters reaches the right people in the North. Henry Northup makes a plan to free Platt (Solomon Northup).

When it's difficult for a person to formulate thoughts it seems like those words are becoming like soon-to-be-melted snowflakes.

During late November, 1820, the Essex was attacked by a whale. The real-life story inspired the tale of "Moby Dick."

In an unbelievable turn of events, a sperm whale attacks a whaleship called the Essex on November 20, 1820.

Risking his own life, Bass agrees to write letters for Platt (Solomon Northup), alerting people in the North that he is wrongfully being held as a sla...

A marriage gets really tested when one of the two individuals becomes care-giver for the other.

George Pollard, a Nantucket-based whaler whose first command was the whaling ship Essex, made a series of mistakes soon after leaving the harbor in Au...

People who have dementia undergo changes which they recognize as hurtful and harmful to their well-being.

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