Nonfiction Works Videos

Many of the world's greatest books are non-fiction works. This Collection will help you to explore both famous and not-so-famous titles.

Born on the 12th of February, in 1809, Abraham Lincoln was America's 16th president. For many people, this man with humble beginnings was the greatest...

Beowulf, an epic tale written in the Anglo-Saxon dialect, is a story about life in the Dark Ages.

This clip, from the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, depicts sections from the "Auschwitz Album," donated by Lilly Jacob-Zelmanovic Meier.

General Leslie Groves was the lead coordinator of the Manhattan Project, the U.

The Emancipation Proclamation is still debated today, what did it say and how did the country react?

On 28 March 1941, Virginia Woolf, the famous British author, drowned in a river near her home. A single recording of her voice survives. The BBC has r...

As a young man, Karol Wojtyla had no desire to become a priest.

The young life of this past pope took place in Nazi occupied Poland.

Karol had to get a job acceptable to the Nazi authorities running Poland.

The Germans tolerated no descent from the Polish clergy.

After Karol Wojtyla told his friends he was going to be a priest, they tried to change his mind.

As soldiers stormed into houses, rounding up young men, people were more afraid than ever.

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