Poets convey deep thoughts with few words. How do poets approach their subjects? Why is the rhythm of words important to them? Poets want their words to be heard. Here's a collection to read "out loud."

Poetry Chapters

After a long illness, is death a welcome event?

When Lewy Bodies implant themselves in a human brain it's like beetles that begin to infest a maple tree. Soon nature takes a different course.

Is a person, whose ability to speak is diminished by illness, able to speak to her husband with her eyes only?

When an ill person cannot properly open her eyes, why do people doubt that she's really having trouble?

Memories are the stuff of life, but what happens when a brain illness makes them impossible to retrieve?

Poetry Learning Tasks

Determine a Theme and Summarize the Text

Determine a Theme and Summarize the Text

Analyze How Complex Characters Develop

Analyze Key Concepts or Characters

Poetry Audios

In spite of censorship in her time, Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) remains one of Russia's most-loved poets of the 20th century.

During America's Civil War, one of the country's most-famous writers penned a poem about ... the Revolutionary War.

Cowboys of the "Old West" sang songs about their work (and the trouble they got into). This is an example.

Roald Dahl (1916-1990) was born in Wales to Norwegian parents.

Edgar Allan Poe published a poem entitled "Imitation," in 1827.

Poetry Audio Narrations

Margaret Mitchell found the title for her new book in the lines of an 1891 poem.

Shakespeare is known for writing creative insults. Listen to this story which features some of his most-cutting.

Audio narration of "The Night Before Christmas," a poem by Clement C. Moore; read by Carole Bos.

Seamus Heaney was long known as "Famous Seamus" in his homeland.

Carole Bos reads a poem from her book "Marriage is a Balance Beam."

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