Poetry Videos

Poets convey deep thoughts with few words. How do poets approach their subjects? Why is the rhythm of words important to them? Poets want their words to be heard. Here's a collection to read "out loud."

Chris Tomlin performs the song, Amazing Grace, in the film of the same name, released for public viewing in 2007.

The story, and the music, of Amazing Grace as it is often performed today - with bagpipes.

How did Beowulf, a story based on Scandinavian characters, become Britain's national epic?

What makes Beowulf a work of great literature and not just a good story?

The sole surviving manuscript of Britains national epic, about a Dark Ages hero, is now maintained at the British Library.

Burial mounds, in Britain, play a role in Beowulfs death.

One of Australia's most popular writers - before he died in 1938 - was given a very long name at birth: Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis.

Still in remission, Joy was well enough to take a trip with Jack to one of his favorite places in the world.

During the second world war, people in Britian were facing life and death issues every day.

C.S. Lewis was a very close friend of J.

Although her cancer was so advanced by the time it was detected, Joy Davidman Lewis had a remarkable remission.

Although C.S. Lewis had married Joy Davidman Gresham, in a civil ceremony, he had done so only to help his friend stay in Britain with her two young s...

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