Sports Chapters

Fun to watch and fun to play, sporting activities have always had a key role in public life. These sports-related stories take us back to the ancient Olympics and forward to the days of a "Moneyball" approach to baseball.

Even though teams are playing baseball in the northern U.S., there is no evidence it is popular in the south until the Civil War.

Jackie plays for the Kansas City Monarchs; African-American baseball players face discrimination in every town.

Bill James creates a method to evaluate baseball players by using statistics called "sabermetrics."

Billy Beane, the A's general manager, and Paul DePodesta, an A's scout, discovers a method to pick baseball players using limited funds.

Historians are not sure who made the first cards, which stiffened a pack of cigarettes, but James Buchanan ("Buck") Duke gets credit.

By 1860, Louis Prang is mass-producing small trade cards to introduce, or advertise, products.

Bobby Jones is one of the greatest golfers during the Great Depression.

Bobby Jones is one of the greatest golfers during the Great Depression.

After an opponent dies following a fight in 1743, John ("Jack")Broughton introduces boxing's first rules.

The Ancient Greeks support boxing as a sport when they include it in the Olympics as a early as 688 BC.

In 1935, the underdog Braddock fightschampion Max Baerfor the Heavyweight title and wins.

Branch Rickey wants a Black man to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers; he selects Jackie Robinson to become the first Black player in Major League baseball...

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