Sports Story Briefs

Fun to watch and fun to play, sporting activities have always had a key role in public life. These sports-related stories take us back to the ancient Olympics and forward to the days of a "Moneyball" approach to baseball.

Before baseball, Jackie Robinson was a standout basketball player.

Before baseball, Jackie Robinson was a standout basketball player. At UCLA, Jackie Robinson was also an incredible football player.

At Pasadena Junior College, Jackie Robinson is able to help his team win a baseball game and a track meet on the same day.

A symbol for the civil rights movement, Jackie Robinson voiced his opinion to the White House.

Jackie Robinson's ability to positively influence the men in his unit so impressed his superior officer that he is designated the "morale officer" of ...

James Figg (1684-1734) is credited with reviving the ancient sport of boxing in Britain (where he is known as the “Father of British Boxing”).

"Race," a film about Jesse Owens, highlights the events of 1936. One of the world's greatest-ever athletes tells us what it was like to represent his ...

On 31 July 1954, two Italian men were getting closer to the summit of K-2.

History tells us that the runner from Marathon to Athens was Pheidippides, but there is more to uncover about his story

Lina Radke, a German-born athlete, refused to be intimidated by cultural limitations on females participating in sports.

In this clip, narrated by Morgan Freeman, we see historical footage depicting tensions between black and white South Africans.  The video demonst...

Even while he was imprisoned in an impossibly small cell on Robben Island, Nelson Mandela maintained a physical-fitness regimen.

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