The Kennedys Chapters

Although America has no royal family, for awhile "The Kennedys" came close. These stories reveal how members of this Irish-American family, and their spouses, impacted the U.S. and its culture during the last part of the 20th century.

Operation Anadyr takes place when Soviet troops and ballistic weapons go to Cuba.

Operation Mongoose is a failed US-government attempt to overthrow Castro and communism in Cuba.

After resisting arrest, Oswald is caught at the Texas Theater.

Black men had to fight hard for the right to die for their country.

On March 16, 1968 Robert Kennedy announceshe will run for president.

A long investigation, by the Warren Commission, officially concludes that Oswald acted alone in President Kennedy's murder.

Bobby expresses his political policy in speeches - do right even when it is not popular.

Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, shoots and kills Oswald almost exactly 48 hours after the President's assassination.

In 1965 millions of black Americans in the south still could not vote.

Four male college students from historically black North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College challenged segregation in public restaurants.

The public deal is that Soviets withdraw missiles from Cuba in exchange for a U.S. agreement never to invade Cuba.

Bobby is laid to rest atArlington Cemetery, not far from his brother's grave.

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