The Kennedys Story Briefs

Although America has no royal family, for awhile "The Kennedys" came close. These stories reveal how members of this Irish-American family, and their spouses, impacted the U.S. and its culture during the last part of the 20th century.

Police officers arrest Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theater on November 22, 1963.

Not knowing whether there was a conspiracy behind the death of President Kennedy, officials initially delayed the formal announcement of his death.

The Bag of Pigs invasion - known as "A Perfect Failure" - may seem foolhardy today, but it must be viewed in its historical context.

One week after her husband's death, Jackie Kennedy told reporter Theodore White that the Kennedy era was like "Camelot." It was her way of making sure...

Clint Hill, a Secret Service officer for JFK, shared his memory of the day President Kennedy was fatally shot.

The Bay of Pigs fueled Castro's worry of an American invasion and his desire for missiles from the Soviet Union.

John F. Kennedy (JFK) was the 35th president of the United States.

Captain Cecil W. Stoughton took a series of 21 photographs during President Johnson's swearing-in on October 22, 1963.

Jackie Kennedy looked radiant on the morning of November 22, 1963.

As police officers were transferring Oswald to another jail, Jack Ruby (a local Dallas businessman) was among the watching crowd. This image depicts R...

James Meredith wants to become the first African-American to enroll at Ole Miss, but segregationists have other ideas. Thus begins a battle between ci...

As huge crowds gathered at the U.S. Capitol, and throughout the Mall, John F. Kennedy delivered his famous inaugural address. It was the beginning of ...

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