The Kennedys Videos

Although America has no royal family, for awhile "The Kennedys" came close. These stories reveal how members of this Irish-American family, and their spouses, impacted the U.S. and its culture during the last part of the 20th century.

As fiercely opposing sides gathered in Oxford, Mississippi - at the campus of Ole Miss - a battle over desegregation intensified.

Prince Albert, known to his friends and family as "Bertie," has a new title - the Duke of York - when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon finally agrees to marry him...

American papers publish what the British papers will not publish about King Edward's relationship with Wallis Simpson.

At the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles - on the 15th of July, 1960 - John F.

As huge crowds gathered at the U.S. Capitol, and throughout the Mall, John F. Kennedy delivered his famous inaugural address. It was the beginning of ...

John F. Kennedy became America's 35th President on the 20th of January, 1961.

Presidential politics in America changed with the Nixon-Kennedy debates. TV debates are now a mainstay during national election cycles.

This is a continuation of the Kennedy-Nixon debate of September 26, 1960.

This debate is still studied as a turning point in American presidential politics.

This is the concluding scene of the September 26, 1960 debate between Richard M.

Less than two months after her husband was killed, Mrs.

Ruth Paine, who helped Lee Oswald get a job at the Texas School Book Depository, and provided shelter for his wife and two daughters, unwittingly gave...

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