Visual Arts Chapters

What does it mean when we say "art is in the eye of the beholder?" How have artists' subjects changed over the centuries? This collection features diverse art forms (from ancient mosaics to modern cubism).

In 1880, John Rand Capron, an amateur scientist, suggests storm conditions can form crop circles.

The U.S. landscape changes from a place of peaceful, comfortable living to a land destroyed by warfare.

Britain's "high society" is closed to all who are not born into the upper class.

The Allies devise a plan to break Hitler's reign in Europe by attacking from a new waterfront direction.

Africa has a rich history and culture before European slave traders arrive and begin to capture slaves.

Philip's well-trained military helps Alexander to be a strong leader.

Allan Quartermain, a hunter/explorer, is the hero ofH. Rider Haggard's novelKing Solomon's Mines.

John Newton wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace" years after a dangerous sea voyage.

Centuries ago, forests cover much of North America; when colonists arrive, they chop-down trees at unbelievable rates.

Many American leaders are the subjects of Herblock's political cartoons.

U.S. government posters target American women, during WWII, encouraging them to be part of the war effort.

While living among his parishioners, Van Gogh's perspective of the mining families changes; then he begins to draw them.

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