Where in the World? by Students Chapters

Diverse student stories are gathered here exploring the history, myths, resources and happenings in their regions, states and countries.

Techniques the Ancient Hawaiians used to catch their fish with the materials they had.

This is full of facts about Ancient Hawaiian Fishing.

This gives you various information about the native Hawaiians dance and music.

Kapu means rules and learn how Hawaiians lived with them!

Surfing Was A Big Part Of Hawaiian History

You will know why Japan attacked Hawaii.

How Captain Cook changed the way Hawaiians lived.

Captain Cook in Hawaii

Learn how Captain Cook died in Hawaii.

My story is about the Hawaiian Overthrow in Hawaii and how the throne was taken away from Queen Liliuokalani (the first and last queen of Hawaii). It ...

The Jersey Shore Takes a Historic Pounding

Iolani palace is now very modern, Old, and had a very long history.

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