World War II - Europe Chapters

World War II - Europe

Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin are allies in the plan to defeat Hitler.

U.S. government posters target American women, during WWII, encouraging them to be part of the war effort.

As Hitler seizes power, the Jewish persecution begins.

Some German military try to assassinate Hitler, but they are caught and killed. Even though in prison, Bonhoeffer is implicated in the plot

The fall of Berlin provokes the end of the war, but there are still troubles ahead for the city.

British troops land at Gold Beach and overcome massive casualties to meet up with the Canadians at Juno.

Canadian troops land at Juno Beach and face fierce German opposition.

Despite the horrible wartime conditions in Poland, Szpilman manages to stay hidden and alive.

Jewish people inside the ghetto resist the Nazis as the ghetto burns to the ground.

Germans force Jewish families to leave the Warsaw Ghetto on trains to a concentration camp.

A description of the final days of the concentration camp, prisoners and the end of the war.

Governments ration food and many other items during both world wars.

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