World War II - Europe Chapters

World War II - Europe

Americans have to ration gasoline, because the military needs it.

Poland receives no aid from other countries when Hitler invades, and the Warsaw Ghetto starts.

Children, especially in Great Britain, have to suffer family issues, as well as a lack of food and supplies.

Hitler's campaign during economic hard times ultimately leads to his rise as German Chancellor.

Hitler creates the Nuremberg Laws to discriminate against Jews.

Hosenfeld, who keeps a diary of the acts committed by Hitler and the Nazis, dies in the war camps even though Szpilman tries to help him.

Children help out by rationing, recycling, and helping to support their families.

Hitler plans his "final solution" to exterminate Jews, who make up 30% of Warsaw's citizens.

Fear of enemy eavesdropping leads to American-government posters which introduce characters like "Joe Dope." The point is to urge caution in conversa...

The Russians win Berlin, and the last days of Hitler follow.

Mussolini tries to escape from Italy, but is caught, executed and his body put on display.

Oswiecim, Poland is the location of Auschwitz because the Polish army is already there.

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