Famous Historical Topics & Events Chapters

What are some of history's key stories and events which remain famous to this day? Check-out some of those topics.

Standard 8-4:4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the multiple events that led to the Civil War

For nearly a week in July 1863, New Yorkers riot against the Conscription Law.

In 1880, John Rand Capron, an amateur scientist, suggests storm conditions can form crop circles.

Will Chicago's steam-powered fire engines be enough to fight a huge conflagration in 1871?

In September 1965, the 1st Calvary arrives in South Vietnam with 424 helicopters and planes.

The A's out play teams with far-richer budgets to become the American League West champions.

Wallace is found guilty ofhigh treasonand crimes against English civilians and sentenced to death.

Oliver Powers, father of the downed U-2 pilot, first conceives the idea that his son could be exchanged for Rudolf Abel. In other words: Exchange a sp...

James W. Gerard, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, writes of difficulties when talking about the Lusitania sinking with the German army.

Describes how the Cherokee tribe were transplantesd to a reservation in Oklahoma.

Penn goes "against the crown" and must defend himself in London's Old Bailey.

NASA designs four "abort methods" in case the space shuttle has a problem during its ascent, following launch..

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