Famous Historical Topics & Events Videos

What are some of history's key stories and events which remain famous to this day? Check-out some of those topics.

Jackie Robinson wore number 42 on his Brooklyn Dodger uniform.

About 2,000 African-Americans were among the Allied troops who stormed Normandy's beaches on D-Day.

In a famous exchange at the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson (the American Ambassador) confronts Ambassador Zorin (and his Soviet colleagues) with evid...

On October 25, 1962, Adlai Stevenson confronts Soviet Ambassador Zorin in the United Nations. The US, says Stevenson, is prepared to "wait until hell ...

During the battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson was felled by a single shot and died on his ship.

When a major earthquake happens, aftershocks add to the horror.

Shepard was the first American in space when he blasted off in a Redstone rocket on May 5, 1961.

Story of "the wonder drug" begins with Alexander Fleming who died on March 11, 1955. Learn about it in this video clip.

Stopping in the northern city of Magadan, which once was the center of brutal Stalinist forced-labor camps, Solzhenitsyn pays homage to the many peopl...

This historical footage, from Universal Newsreels, depicts the first American bombing of Berlin.

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