Nineteenth Century Life Audios

What made the 19th century an interesting but tumultuous time? What technological, cultural and social changes influenced life then? Explore those issues in this story collection.

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bront (1816-1855), remains popular even though it was first published in October of 1847.

Charlotte Bront once served as a governess at Stone Grappe Hall.

In Chapter III, of Jane Eyre, Mr.

Thomas ("Daddy") Rice created a character ("Jim Crow") which he incorporated into his popular minstrel show.

Les Miserables is a massive novel, by Victor Hugo, perennially considered one of the world's best books.

Orson Welles adapted Victor Hugo's masterpiece, Les Miserables, for the radio.

This is episode two of Les Miserables.

In the third episode of Orson Welles' adaptation of Les Miserable, Jean Valjean is mayor of a French town.

When her mother (Fantine) dies, a young girl named Cosette has no parents.

Jean Valjean eludes Javert and his team of policemen.

In 1832, Javert and the police are concerned about young Parisians who are angry with the government.

Surviving the barricade battles, Marius decides to marry Cosette.

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