Poetry Chapters

Poets convey deep thoughts with few words. How do poets approach their subjects? Why is the rhythm of words important to them? Poets want their words to be heard. Here's a collection to read "out loud."

Baby spiders travel by "ballooning," which means they send out a strand of spider silk and ride it on the wind. Millions of spiderlings "rained" on a ...

Barrie takes care of the boys and educates them; once WWI begins, the older boys know they will need to serve their country.

Rune Stones are standing stones in Scandinavia and Britain which tell the stories of kings and warriors like Beowulf.

A marriage gets really tested when one of the two individuals becomes care-giver for the other.

Unafraid of Grendel, the warrior Beowulf helps the Danes by killing the monster.

The Atlantic Forest is a forest area which once covered a great part of Brazil, but most of it is now cut-down.

Read a poem about the life of Brian Bluhm, a 25 year-old second year Masters student in Civil Engineering.

During World War II, Lewis hosts BBC live radio broadcasts which make his voice one of the most recognizable in Britain.

Read a poem about the life of Caitlin Hammaren, a 19 year-old sophomore in International Studies and French.

People who have dementia undergo changes which they recognize as hurtful and harmful to their well-being.

Charles Frohman is Barrie's famous American producer who makes sure Peter Pan comes to the stage, he dies on the Lusitania.

Abandoned by his father and losing his mother and foster mother to tuberculosis, Poe spends his childhood alone and sad.

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