Poetry Story Briefs

Poets convey deep thoughts with few words. How do poets approach their subjects? Why is the rhythm of words important to them? Poets want their words to be heard. Here's a collection to read "out loud."

The children, featured in this fountain, are dancing the Khorovod. The Khorovod is a type of common circle dance which Russian children loved to do b...

Cowboys of the "Old West" sang songs about their work (and the trouble they got into). This is an example.

One of Australia's most popular writers - before he died in 1938 - was given a very long name at birth: Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis.

Clement Clark Moore, author of the now-famous "Night Before Christmas," published his poem on December 23, 1823 in the "Troy Sentinel" newspaper.


Poem about an aging father and the love of family, by Carole Bos.

Poem on father-daughter relationships, by Jeannine Proulx.

William Wordsworth, an English poet who served as Britain's Poet Laureate between 1843-1850, was greatly inspired by nature.

Seamus Heaney was long known as "Famous Seamus" in his homeland.

Dylan Thomas was distraught, in 1951, as his father - David John Thomas - was gravely ill. It caused the son to write a poem about his father.

Not normally a writer of poetry - or anything else as a published author - Mary Elizabeth Frye (an American who lived in Baltimore) was moved by the s...

Meet Dylan Thomas who lived hard, wrote beautifully and died young (at 39) while leaving behind some of the most-loved poems written in English.

Poem on aging and loneliness, by Carole Bos.

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