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For about 70 years of its long history, Russia was part of the Soviet Union. Explore before-and-after stories about the country and its people, writers, artists, culture, rulers and worldwide influence.

"Alex and Emma" - a film by Franchise Pictures - recreates the real story of Fyodor Dostoevsky and his novel, The Gambler.

Mikhael Gorbachev restored Alexander Solzhenitsyn's citizenship in 1990.

Stopping in the northern city of Magadan, which once was the center of brutal Stalinist forced-labor camps, Solzhenitsyn pays homage to the many peopl...

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn - also known as Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn - was a Nobel-Prize winning author born in Russia on the 11th of December, 1918...

Historians tell us that the Battle of Stalingrad was the deadliest in history.

At the beginning of 1917, the Russian city ofSt.

Ending his marriage to Josephine, Napoleon married Marie Louise of Austria.

This scene is the beginning of Boris Godunov, the famous opera (in Four Acts and a Prologue) by M.

One of the trailers for "Bridge of Spies," a Steven Spielberg film starring Tom Hanks (as James Donovan) and Mark Rylance (as Rudolf Abel).

Dostoevsky scholars, and many other people who love the Russian writer's works, often say that Brothers Karamazov is his masterpiece.

This clip, from a 1968 Soviet-era adaptation of Brothers Karamazov (by Fydor Dostoevsky), depicts the scene (from the novel) in which Ivan Karamazov (...

Dmitri goes to the home of his father and, when his father comes to the window and attacks him, Dmitri runs away.

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