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In February of 1888, Vincent moved to Arles in the south of France. When spring arrived that year, Vincent began to paint a series of blossoming orchards. This image depicts one of his first paintings in Arles. Entitled “Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass,” the oil-on-canvas measures 24 x 19 cm. Vincent created it during March of 1888, and it is currently maintained at the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


Riding the train to Arles, on the 20th of February 1888, Vincent van Gogh had high hopes. He was leaving behind the dreary weather of winter in Paris, hoping for sun and warmth in the south of France. He was also planning an artists' commune where he could live, and work, with people like Paul Gauguin (whom he'd met in Paris).

Happy for a time, and incredibly productive, Vincent created many drawings and paintings in Arles. When he first arrived, however, the town was still cold with snow on the ground.

As the outside temperature improved, van Gogh could spend more time in the fresh air. Flourishing in his new environment, he painted whatever looked interesting. From blossoming orchard trees to women washing clothes at the Langlois Bridge (shown here as it looks today), Vincent's subjects came alive on his early-spring canvases.

Still thinking he could have a "Studio of the South" for himself and other artists, van Gogh initially leased a room at the Café de la Gare (at 10 Place Lamartine) and rented the famous "Yellow House" (2 Place Lamartine) as a studio/storage facility. He moved into the yellow house (which was later destroyed during WWII) in September.

Focusing on his art, throughout the summer, and disproportionately spending money on supplies instead of food, Vincent was extremely productive and sent Theo shipments of his work. The paintings - including those which became very famous in later years - didn't sell.

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