Why Use AwesomeStories? - Give Students the Opportunity to Contribute Meaningful Work

The key to true integration of technology is to focus on student-driven experiences that utilize research, writing and critical thinking.

Understanding the power of the Internet, and mastering information skills, serve students for their entire lives. Designing learning tasks that demand such understanding and skill raises the bar for students and removes barriers to their accomplishments.

This mastery gives students the capability to formulate opinions and thoughts based on true and accurate primary sources.

In the Elementary grades, teachers can support students to find information beyond the first layer and to seek multiple views on the same situation. Students can synthesize disparate information and present it in writing, or speech, in class. 

At the Secondary level, students can work in collaborative groups to make engaging, media-embedded stories and reports. The students can deepen and embellish their work with personal opinions, controversy, new thinking on old topics and media that bring their views alive.

AwesomeStories has the resources and tools to develop these vital skills. Students use the AwesomeStories archive and MakerSpacce for the Humanities apps to scaffold their research into fresh and thoughtful insights.  

Exploring, finding and integrating facts and understandings is what learning-with-purpose is all about.

Original Release: Aug 15, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jul 22, 2016

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