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The 21st-Century holds the promise of new educational horizons through the use of cutting-edge technology. We are well into the century, but have we achieved the promised gains and transformation?

One could argue that schools are technology-savvy because of the robust Wi-Fi connectivity most enjoy and the growing number of student devices available. 

But most schools cannot boast devices for all students, so one-to-one learning remains a goal. And while most schools have robust Internet connectivity now, many students return to homes without Internet connectivity.

We have not-yet achieved digital equity.

Our true goal goes well beyond bandwidth and devices. We seek to:

  • provide instruction that empowers students as lifelong learners;
  • teach them to discern reliable and appropriate resources as they learn;
  • reflect and critically think through issues and topics;
  • give an authentic real-world opportunity to create stories and meaningful reports.

In this world of publicly shared media, students publishing their work is critical for a feeling of authenticity. AwesomeStories has been constructed by educators to meet those teaching-and-learning needs.

As we move beyond the rhetoric of a technology-rich classroom, do you believe that your students are accessing the real power of learning with technology?   

AwesomeStories is a pathway to unleash student learning in a way no other solution can.

Original Release: Aug 15, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Feb 15, 2020

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