Why Use AwesomeStories? - Google Doesn't Do It.....


Most people think they know how to use Google—and most can, at some level. But once a student searches for information, and finds a satisfying answer to a basic question, the student will usually stop because they don’t know to do anything else.

Understanding how Google works will give you pause as to the search results you find there:

  • When you live in North America, Google knows your location and will yield results that give you information from the American point of view. 

  • Meaningful searches need to take into account multiple points of view from our global perspective, and Google's algorithms do not do this.

  • Global empathy is a critical skill in today’s world; technology has made our world stage smaller.

  • AwesomeStories delivers access to world-wide libraries of primary sources to give students multiple perspectives on topics.

Once students learn that they can find deeper research in the AwesomeStories Archive of Primary Sources, they will have a sense of empowerment. Teachers can create an environment where students take pride in “zooming in” on topics as deeply as possible.

Direct access to quality primary sources from around the world will facilitate this skill, and AwesomeStories makes it easily available.

Original Release: Aug 15, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jul 22, 2016

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