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Dew drops on this spider's web, following an early-morning fog, help us to better see its intricate beauty.  The photo, by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos, was taken at Swifts Creek, Victoria - a gorgeous location in southeastern Australia - during June of 2007. Image online, via Wikimedia Commons.  License:  GFDL v1.2 


The web itself is a miracle.

Dr. Dorian 
Charlotte’s Web

As Andy White went into his North Brooklin barn to feed a pig, he was distracted by a gray spider spinning a web. Working hard, that barn spider produced strands of silk stronger than similarly-sized strands of steel. How could such a thing be?

Not long before he watched the spider, one of White’s pigs had died. Distraught, he wrote an essay called “Death of a Pig.” His sadness is reflected in words like these:

He had evidently become precious to me ...

So ... what if it were possible for White to write a different ending for the pig who took sick and died? And ... what if a spider, whom he called Charlotte, became part of the story?
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