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Painting by Raphael - created between 1499-1502 and entitled "The Resurrection of Christ" - currently maintained at the São Paulo Museum of Art in São Paulo, Brazil.


Love's as hard as nails,
Love is nails:
Blunt, thick, hammered through
The medial nerves of One
Who, having made us, knew
The thing He had done,
Seeing (what all that is)
Our cross, and His.

From "Love's as Warm as Tears"
See Poems, by C.S. Lewis, at page 126

Today, 2,000 years after it occurred, there remains something about the Easter story which captivates believer and skeptic alike. The culmination of the “greatest story ever told” unfolds across the pages of time like the climax of a great novel.

You are about to embark on a special virtual journey. On this interactive adventure, you will "go" to the important places where the Easter story happened, and you will "see" the events through the paintings of some of the world’s greatest artists.

Our first stop takes us to Bethany, today known as al-Eizariya or El-Lazariyah (Arabic for "Place of Lazarus").

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