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The Lorax is a story about what can happen when too-many trees are cut down.  This image depicts a clear-cut area at Glennville, Georgia.  Photo by Cameron Brooks, online via Archive for the Georgia Coast, at Verdant123.


The Lorax is worried
He feels really blue;
He's looking for helpers
Could one be you?

Once upon a time, in a made-up world, there were beautiful trees with brightly colored tops.  People called them "Truffula" Trees.

No one, in our world, has ever seen such magical trees because they never existed here.  Instead, we have different kinds of beautiful trees.

Then ... something happened in Truffula-Tree land.  It no longer has those trees, or the birds, or the fish or the other animals which used to live nearby.  Even The Lorax - who spoke for the trees - is no longer there.

People wanted the trees for other things, so they cut them down.  That caused the animals, who needed the trees to live, to go somewhere else - or die.

We have magical trees in our world, too.  Let’s explore some of the places where they grow.

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The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

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