What It's Like: A Personal Story of Suffering - Her Husband

By Janice Veldman

He stands by the door
She looks at him
Very handsome
Preparing to enter
He lingers, watching her

They politely exchange greetings
Gauging her awareness
He makes small talk
She studies him
Surely he is handsome
Maybe another day I would have taken him
He knows there was a day when she had taken him
She is his and he is hers

Are you married?
Oh, yes, to a very nice man
Does he visit?
Not yet
But, I will know him when he does.

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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5199stories and lessons created

Original Release: Apr 22, 2019

Updated Last Revision: Jun 18, 2024

Media Credits

Image depicting artwork displayed at Caring Days Adult Dementia DayCare Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


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