What It's Like: A Personal Story of Suffering - Lost Time

By Janice Veldman

She looks at the clock
Reads 2:30
That can’t be
The other clock reads 2:30
Must be the power was out
But that one runs on batteries,
Hmm ...

Stumbles her way out of the room

What time is it?
But, it isn't dark
2:30 in the afternoon
I have been sleeping since last night?

No, you were up this morning
 Eating breakfast?
We looked at the texts and photos
We laughed at the humor of the grandkids
We opened a package together

No, I do not remember.

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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5199stories and lessons created

Original Release: Apr 22, 2019

Updated Last Revision: Jul 19, 2024

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