What It's Like: A Personal Story of Suffering - Lewy

by Janice Veldman


Seems like a reasonable name
Probably would invite him in

He came in alright

Entered my brain
Moved things around a bit
so he could fit

That wasn’t working too well
He needed more room
 He killed what was in his way

Didn’t pack a suitcase
 He takes what he needs

I need these brain cells to
Think, speak, use my muscles
His presence removes those abilities

He is a thief
He is a killer

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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5199stories and lessons created

Original Release: Apr 21, 2019

Updated Last Revision: Jun 18, 2024

Media Credits

This image, illustrating Lewy-Body spots, is from the Mayo Clinic.


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