What It's Like: A Personal Story of Suffering - My Sister

By Janice Veldman

She came
bringing her presence
light when I no longer
 could open my eyes
she knew not to bring flowers
for they all die
leaving a stench
filling the room
with the unwanted smell of death

she came in the winter
when it was cold
she brought a bulb
taking her time
she gently
planted the bulb
 deep within the soil of my heart
leaving with it the hope of spring
 when it would bloom
bringing a scent
reminding me of her presence

she sat next to me
   quietly spoke
  when I no longer could speak
said thank you
when I uttered a few grunts
for she knew me well
understanding what I said
took my hand gently squeezed it
though I could not squeeze hers
bringing me comfort
when I no longer could find it on my own

she had to leave
of course, they all have to leave
but when she left
she left something behind
the lingering gift of presence

who but her
could do such a thing
only one
my sister

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Original Release: Apr 21, 2019

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