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FLYBY Launches Probe - Comet Tempel 1
FLYBY Spacecraft - Comet Tempel I
Follett Delivers
Food Lines in Norway During 1942
Forced Labor Camps - Vorkuta, Part of GULAG
Ford Model T Assembly Line - 1919
Forgotten Posters of World War II
Founders Sign the U.S. Constitution
Four Brothers Mine - Temporary Graves of the Romanov Family
Four Feathers, The
France Falls - The Armistice Train and Its Aftermath
Frances Mayes
Frances Seward
Francis Gary Powers and His U-2 Wreckage
Francis Gary Powers - Background of a Spy
Francis Gary Powers - The U-2 Incident
Francis Hauksbee - Inventor
Francis Marion, "Swamp Fox"
Frankenstein - The Monster Lives
Frankenstein - The Monster Speaks
Frankenstein - The Monster Understands His Fate
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin & Armfield Slave Pen
Franklin Expedition - John Hartnell
Franz Joseph Haydn
Franz Wegeler - Beethoven Reports "I am Deaf"
Frederick Douglass and The Independence Day Speech
Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Leader
Freedom of Religion
Freedom Riders Challenge Jim Crow Travel Laws
Freedom Summer in Mississippi - 1964
Freedom Summer - Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman
French Expedition in Ireland - Victory at Castlebar
French Revolution - Storming the Bastille
Frozen Landscape in the Inferno - A Terrible Place
Fryderyk Chopin
Fun Activities and Facts about the Presidential Inauguration

Galileo - Accusations and Trial
Galileo - Daughter Becomes Sister Maria Celeste
Galileo - Early Professional Life
Galileo - Laws of Motion and Rehabilitation
Galileo - Telescopic Finds and Starry Messenger
Gallipolli - A Deadly Campaign
Galveston and the Great Storm of 1900
Gandhi - Advocates Non-Violence
Gandhi - Advocates Non-violent Resistance to Racial Law
Gandhi and His Fast until Death
Gandhi - Early Life and South African Discrimination
Gangs of New York
Garb of 17th-Century Plague-Treating Doctor
Gaseous Pillars of the M16 Nebula
Gassing Cellar - Definition
Gate of Hell - Dante's Inferno
Gavrilo Princip
Gedrosia - Map Locator
Gedrosian Desert - Panoramic View
General Armistead During Pickett's Charge
General Eisenhower - Holocaust Verification
General Horatio Gates and the Newburgh Conspiracy
General Robert E. Lee
General Sherman in Atlanta
General Stonewall Jackson - Lee's Right-Hand Man
General Theory of Relativity - Einstein's Masterpiece
George and the Dragon - Middle Ages
George Bentley - 8-Year-Old Miner
George III, King of Britain
George Jung in 2014
George MacDonald - Author Who Influenced C.S. Lewis
George Mallory
George Mason
George Pollard - Captain of the Essex
George VI - King's Speech, September 3, 1939
George Washington and His False Teeth
George Washington - Portrait and Brief Bio
George W. Bush - Address to a Joint Session of the 107th Congress
Gerald Ford: Lessons of the Past in Vietnam
Geraldine Hoff Doyle - Rosie the Riveter
German Advance toward Stalingrad
German Blitzkrieg - The Fall of Holland
German Heavy Cruisers with German Soldiers Arrive in Norway
German Pillboxes and Bunkers - Protected with Obstacles
Germans Land at Trondheim
German Soldiers March to Lillehammer
German U-Boat under Attack
Germany and Italy Sign Pact of Steel
Gestapo - Secret State Police of the Nazis
Getting Sick, Being Well
Ghost Head Image - Star-Forming Region, NGC 2080
Giganotosaurus and Indominus Rex
Giganotosaurus in Action
Giraffe-Necked Weevil
Giuseppe Mazzini - Unification of Italy
Giuseppe Verdi - Popular Composer
Giving Up on New York in 1776
Glamis Castle - The Queen Mother and Macbeth
Glienicke Bridge Where Spies Were Exchanged
Gods and Generals
Goering's Goal - Bomb Britain into Submission
Golden Gate Strait and the Golden Gate Bridge
Gold Fields at the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Gordon Welchman - A Station X Star
Go West: U.S. Westward Expansion
Graca Machel - Mandela's Last Wife
Gradual of Esztergom - Illumination of King David Kneeling
Grand Canyon As a National Monument
Granicus River
Grave of Robin Hood
Great American Eclipse of 2017
Great Chicago Fire of 1871 - Raging Inferno
Great Chronicle of France - Illumination
Great Depression
Great Depression - Dugout House
Great Fire of 1871
Great Fire of London - 1666
Great Kanto Earthquake - 1923
Great Library at Alexandria - Seat of Learning
Great Plague - Fleeing to Avoid the Illness
Great Raid, The
Greensboro Four - Woolworth Lunch Counter
Grini Prison and Concentration Camp
Groans of the Britons - Appeal to Aetius
Guadalcanal - Edson's Ridge
Guadalcanal - War in the Pacific
Guadalcanal - War in the Pacific - John Basilone
Guadalcanal - War in the Pacific, Part 2
Guardian Angels
Guiteau and the Assassination of President Garfield
GULAG - A Documentary on Stalinist Labor Camps
Gulf Oil Spill - Removing Oil from Surface Waters
Gulf Tidal Wave Strikes Galveston in 1900
Gustav Flourens - Inspiration for Captain Nemo
Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress
Gutenberg Printing Press in Operation
Gutenberg Publishes the World's First Printed Book
Gutenberg's Printing Press
Gutzon Borglum - Sculptor of Mt Rushmore
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
Gyula Castle

Haiti - Geographical Range of Quake Damage
Haiti - Live Earthquake Footage U.S. Embassy
Halicarnassus - Site of Famous Mausoleum
Halifax Explosion - A Devastated City
Halley's Comet and King Kamehameha I
Halloween and a Haunted House
Halloween and Its Celtic Roots
Hammond Creation Lab at Jurassic World
Hammurabi and His Code of Laws
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Hannah More - "The First Victorian"
Hannibal Lecter and Albert Fish
Hans Holbein the Younger - Tudor-Era Artist
Hans Landa - Real-Life SS "Jew Hunter" in France
Harold Gillies and the Tubed Pedicle Procedure
Harold Thomas Cottam - Titanic Hero
Harper's Parody of Spiro Agnew
Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter
Hartford Circus Fire - Smoke at the Tent
Hartford Circus Fire - Soldiers Help Children
Hartford Circus Fire - The Big Top Burns
Hauksbee Electrostatic Generator
Hawaiian History Straight from the Islands!
Haydn's Home in Vienna
Haydn - Video Clips from "The Creation"
Haydn - Video Clips from "The Creation"
Health of President John F. Kennedy
Heinrich Himmler
Helen Keller
Helen Keller - Recreated Scene at the Water Pump
Hellen Keller - Radcliffe Graduate
Helping Others versus Every Man for Himself
Henderson Island and the Cave of Skeletons
Henry B. Northup Rescues Platt from Slavery
Henry Cavendish - Discoveries on Torpedo Fish and Water Formation
Henry David Thoreau - At Walden Pond
Henry Essex Edgeworth - Witness to Louis XVI's Death
Henry V - French and English Losses at Agincourt
Henry VIII and His Special Dispensations
Henry VIII in 1511 - Jousting at Westminster
Henry VIII in 1520
Hera the Greek Goddess
Herb Block - Keeping Politicians Honest
Hercules - Fighting the Nemean Lion
Herman Boone with the 1971 Titans
Hermann Oberth - A Father of Rocketry and Astronautics
Hester Prynne and Her Child - The Scarlet Letter
Hevelius and His Famous Observatory
Hevelius and His Naked-Eye Azimuth Quadrant
Higgs Boson - Animated Explanation
Hilarious Story about St. Patrick
Hindenburg Burning at Lakehurst
Hindenburg Explosion - As It Happened
Hindenburg - Successful Recovery Procedures
Hindu-Kush Mountains - Map
Hirohito - Emperor of Japan
Historical Footage - The U-Boat Peril
History of Flight
Hitler Invades Belgium - German News Reports
Hitler Ordered the Bunkers Destroyed
Hitler's Bunker - Recreating the End
Hitler's Nuclear Reactor and the Flying Bomb
Hitler's Scientists - Building V-2s at Nordhausen
Hitler's Scientists - von Braun Surrenders
Hofburg Grand Ballroom and Beethoven
Holding Patterns
Holocaust Evidence
Homeless and Hungry People in Britain in Victorian Times
Homer Plessy
Hoover Dam - Building the Dam
Hope, Despair and Memory - Elie Wiesel Nobel Lecture
Horace Greeley - 1872 Presidential Nominee
Horace Mann: Father of Public Education
Horatio Nelson - Britain's National Hero
Horsehead Nebula
Horsehead Nebula, in Infrared Light, from Hubble
House Where Jesse James Was Fatally Shot
How a High School Librarian Uses AwesomeStories for her School
How a Single Event Can Change Our Destiny
How Do I Love Thee? Elizabeth Barrett Browning
How Italy Was Unified
How the Game of Monopoly Saved Over 10,000 Soldiers
How to Fake a Desertion and not Get Caught - John Champe
How to Find Larger Versions of Thumbnail Images
How to Insult Like Shakespeare
Hubble Mirror with NASA Scientists
Hubble - Optical Telescope Assembly
Hubble Reflecting Sunlight at Time of Release
Huck Finn - Jim's Stories Travel the Blue Marble
Huck Finn Tries to Summon a Genie
Hugh Alexander - The Imitation Game
Hugh Despenser and Prisoner Torture - Medieval
Hula history
Human Brain - How Does It Work
Hunger Games
Huygens Probe Visits a Saturn Moon

I-58 Submarine Torpedoed USS Indianapolis
I Am David
Ice Hotel - Jukkasjarvi, Kiruna, Sweden
Ides of March - "Julius Caesar"
IF- By Rudyard Kipling - Audio
Illuminated Chronicle of Hungary
Illuminated Manuscripts
Illustrations for the American Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1840
Immune System - How It Works
Impact of a Major Earthquake - San Francisco
Impact of a Major Earthquake - San Francisco, 1906
Impact of Clouds on a Sunset
Impact of Cocaine on the Human Brain
Impact of Great Depression in New York City
Impact of Quake on Sumatra - 26 December 2004
Impact of Stalin's Crackdown in Ukraine
Impact of War on a 9-Year Old Boy
IMPACTOR Strikes Comet
Imperial Valley, California
Imperial Valley California - Ditch Bank Housing
Imperial Valley, California - Migrant Home
Impressing Americans - A Cause of the War of 1812
Imprisoned Louis XVI and His Family
Inca Boy - El Plomo Mummy
Inca Mummy from Ampato
Inchcolm Abbey - Hiding Place for Young Mary Queen of Scots
India - Independence Day
Indiana Jones 4 - Crystal Skull
Indian Removal Act of 1830
Indominus Rex
Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation
Indulgence Sold by Tetzel
Industrializing the Soviet Union
I Never Had It Made by Jackie Robinson
In Flanders Fields - Story behind the Famous Poem by John McCrae
Inglourious Basterds
In Great Waters - Battle of the Atlantic
Inhuman Housing of Slaves Aboard Slave Ships
Inside a Magdalene Laundry - Early 20th Century
Insulin - A Life-Saving Discovery
Insulin - Effective Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes
Interior of Migrant Family Home
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
Invasion of Norway - German Soldiers Befriend Norwegian Children
I Picture Myself. Me.
Ira Eaker - Supporter of 99th Pursuit Squadron
Ireland Seen from Space
Irish Landlords Destroy Homes to Evade Poor Laws
Irish Patriot: Wolfe Tone
Irish People Forced to Leave Their Villages
Irish Potato Famine - Evictions for No Reason
Irish Potato Famine - Forced Evictions and Poverty
Irish Potato Famine - Life in a Scalp
Irish Potato Famine - The Great Hunger
Irish Village of Meinies in 1847
Irving Strobing - Final Messages Corregidor
Isaac Newton and the Falling Apple
Istanbul - Seen from Space
I Taught Myself to Live Simply, by Anna Akhmatova - Audio
Items in President Lincoln's Pockets When He Was Assassinated
It's Alright to Seat Them. They're Not Americans
Ivan the Terrible
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